Four Factors that Influence Food Concession Sales

food concession trailer

food concession trailer on a slow day

Hands down, the best part of this concessionaire’s day is after my booth is closed when I trot off to my camper, crack open my favorite snack, and get down to counting the money. That is, unless my sales were poor. Then, I can’t wait to finish up so I can slink away to scrub the big capital “L” off my forehead in private. There are hundreds of factors and variations of factors that influence the success of a food booth at any given event. Many are controlled by the coordinator, such as booth location, booth/attendance ratio, duplication of menus, and overall organization and promotion of the event. There are many more that are controlled by the vendor, such as your menu, how well you promote your menu, booth appearance, quality of service and product, efficiency, pricing, and consistently returning to the same event. There are still other factors that are out of everyone’s hands, such as the weather and local economy. In my opinion, in this business, the four most important things that influence a concessionaire’s sales are: your location within the event, your menu, the effectiveness of your signs, and, your operational efficiency. Of those four, three are entirely with your control.

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With nearly three decades of experience in the food concession business, a position on the Oregon Food Services Advisory Board and as founder of Northwest Vendor’s Network Association, Barb Fitzgerald is a leading authority on this unique mode of self-employment. Her own experience and dedicated passion for the concession business drives her belief in the food concession business as a path to self-employment for nearly anyone with the desire to become responsible for their own income. She is a concession start-up consultant, and the best-selling author of, Food Booth, The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to the Food Concession Business. Go to:
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